Octane Twisted 2CD
Octane Twisted 2CD Octane Twisted 2CD Octane Twisted 2CD


Octane Twisted 2CD

Label: Kscope
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: epic psychedelic progressive rock live

grandiose double live set has turned into a swan song for the unique progressive rock band - disc one features ambitious conceptual The Incident [2009] album in its entirety, recorded at The Riviera in Chicago on 30th April 2010, while disc two includes seven essential tracks, three of them recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 14th October 2010; live versions of their brilliant music brings more significant rocking force, tension and drama to the songs, while strictly keeping original arrangements intact, with more improvisation only on Time Flies; British slipcase edition