All Your Sins 2DVD DIGI
All Your Sins 2DVD DIGI All Your Sins 2DVD DIGI All Your Sins 2DVD DIGI


All Your Sins 2DVD DIGI

Label: Peaceville
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: kult heavy doom metal live
Length: 361 min.

this grandiloquent retrospective in image and sound by doom/heavy overlords contains recordings of diverse eras and quality from no less than nine performances, the first of which is dated with 1983 year, when they have been running as Death Row, while most of the videos belong to spontaneous uncontrollable eighties and nineties - it is easy to realize that most songs from kult times have ended up among more than eighty tracks of this release; different live interpretations of some of them draws interesting parallels, while few recent shows in USA and Norway reveal a current mood of Pentagram and unfading enthusiasm of Bobby; British double digipak edition comes with extensive liner notes and photo collection in the booklet