Worship and Obey EP
Worship and Obey EP


Worship and Obey EP

Artist: PEK
Label: Chalice of Blood Angel
Price: 6€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: BEL
Style: grim blasphemous black death metal

guitarist/vocalist Pek, also known as Bob Ceyssens from Resuscitation, and drummer Nefasto, comprise this blasphemous blackened death metal duo, which can be best described as an unholy cross between early Incantation and classic Blasphemy with intense riffing, infernal slow downs and torturous low-tuned vocals; after a debut full-length the duo come back with this four track EP, featuring material coming from early demos, yet re-arranged and re-recorded with a proper sound; black vinyl edition with fold out sleeve is limited to 666 units