Ironbound CD DIGI
Ironbound CD DIGI Ironbound CD DIGI Ironbound CD DIGI


Ironbound CD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: USA
Style: furious menacing impulsive thrash metal

fast and furious from beginning to the very end, celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary, thrash metal giants return to immense form with their heaviest, kicking ass record to date, packing an impressive die-hard old school load; ten track effort is definitely not to be missed: the quality of songwriting is on par with ageless The Years of Decay and Horrorscope era - poignant dynamics of riffs, igniting choruses, penetrating solos and ear-splitting vocals guarantee an exceptional experience, while Peter Tägtgren's engineering assures the top-notch quality; limited digipak edition comes with metallic coloured design