Horrorscope CD
Horrorscope CD Horrorscope CD Horrorscope CD


Horrorscope CD

Label: Megaforce / Atlantic
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1991
Artist Origin: USA
Style: furious savage impulsive thrash metal

fifth longplay arrives with a significant shift from one to two guitarists with both newcomers in shredding department, but it turns into one more instantly igniting and ambitious album by glorious crew in a kicking sequence of aggressive and angry records: vanishing thrash metal popularity in the early nineties has caused New Jersey dudes making a poignant, impulsive stir, delivering such intense songs as Coma, Nice Day... For a Funeral, Blood Money and the epic title track, invoking long-lasting sentiments to all supporters of devastating, expressive genre up to this day; recent European edition comes with authentic design