World Dirtnap EP
World Dirtnap EP World Dirtnap EP World Dirtnap EP


World Dirtnap EP

Label: Southern Lord
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: harsh ominous intense black metal

far less familiar entity of harsh Norwegian black metal always remained deep under the ground, yet its significance and contribution are still underestimated, and not just because of Infernus and Tormentor [Gorgoroth] in line-up, while drummer position was firmly taken by Dirge Rep [ex.Gehenna]; however, the authorship of straightforward, misanthropic music belongs to vocalist Taipan, while these two tracks of early era are taken from 2002's demo recordings, co-produced with Ivar Bjørnson [Enslaved]; US black vinyl edition is limited to 800 units