Orcustus LP
Orcustus LP Orcustus LP Orcustus LP


Orcustus LP

Label: World Terror Committee

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: defining norwegian evil black metal

five years in making, one more in recording, after line-up struggles, the debut full-length [2009] of evil unholy black metal crew has finally materialized in shape of these seven compositions, paying homage to Norwegian tradition and defining the genre for the years to come; since Orcustus features Tormentor and Infernus of Gorgoroth fame, as well as Dirge Rep [Gehenna] on drums, it feels natural to expect maximum focus and authentic atmosphere from these guys - the wait was worth it!; gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with front cover UV gloss and pro-printed inner sleeve, it is limited to 500 units