Discerning Forces LP
Discerning Forces LP Discerning Forces LP Discerning Forces LP


Discerning Forces LP

Label: Nuclear Blast / Cosmic Key Creations
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense savage death thrash metal

1999 was a right time for the third longplay by seminal thrashing death metal crew Incubus: brothers Howard have elaborated the idea of recording it in native Rio de Janeiro, but then they have been forced to change moniker into Opprobrium what was not real good for promotion, so this furious ten-tracker [2000] still remains a well-kept underground secret - angst-ridden approach is kept in a fast and heavy manner, backed up by raw yet focused production, strengthening the legacy of historical duo; recent black vinyl edition with pro-printed two-sided lyric sheet and A2 poster is limited to 300 units