My Arms, Your Hearse 2LP
My Arms, Your Hearse 2LP My Arms, Your Hearse 2LP


My Arms, Your Hearse 2LP

Artist: OPETH
Label: Candlelight / Back On Black

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: intricate epic progressive death metal

while on constant creative move since the very start, with the third full-length album [1998] Opeth precisely refine both their sound and style, uplifting epic and progressive intricacy with the help of Fredman Studios guru Fredrik Nordström; replete with harmonized leads and acoustic passages, menacing yet refined music flows logically from one lengthy composition to the next, with enough variation in texture and mood to hold the listener's interest fairly consistent; recent gatefold sleeve black 180g vinyl edition comes with bonus Celtic Frost Circle of The Tyrants and Iron Maiden Remember Tomorrow covers