In Cauda Venenum 2LP
In Cauda Venenum 2LP In Cauda Venenum 2LP In Cauda Venenum 2LP


In Cauda Venenum 2LP

Artist: OPETH
Label: Moderbolaget / Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: mesmerizing classic progressive metal/rock

Latin title of latest album means Poison in The Tail, referring to the scorpion - notorious prog band brings it on a poetic level, recording Swedish and English sung versions of all ten tracks that becomes a specialty of this longplay; its music is pretty intricate, definitely harmonious and memorable enough, with more experimental twist or two in folk and art rock on some occasions, maintaining enough of heaviness in guitar department with masterful soloing by Fredrik Åkesson on top; gatefold sleeve double black 180g vinyl edition of English sung version comes with full-size eight page booklet