Power From Hell CD
Power From Hell CD Power From Hell CD Power From Hell CD


Power From Hell CD

Label: AFM
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: devastating blackened thrash speed metal

this convincing and powerful blackened thrash/speed metal recording sounds as enjoyable now as upon its original release in 1985!; fundamental debut album of crushing old school British evil metal force was unleashed at a time when satanic imagery was labeled "childish Venom worship" and black metal was a swear word either, yet they were among those few that no matter what carried on the crudest torch of underground filth, along with early Slayer, Possessed and Bathory records; German 25 year anniversary edition of mandatory full-length comes with a remastered sound, two bonuses re-recorded in 2011, and booklet enhanced with vintage images along the extensive liner notes by drummer​ Steve Grice