Slowly We Rot LP
Slowly We Rot LP Slowly We Rot LP Slowly We Rot LP


Slowly We Rot LP

Label: Roadrunner / Music On Vinyl

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental savage crushing death metal

when this debut album of fundamental Floridian death metal household was launched in mid June of 1989, already the first riff of the opener Internal Bleeding was a statement of its own, marking the start of new direction in extreme metal - it was way different from attempts of other bands to become the next most fast and most intense on this planet, with prime focus on setting up a perverse atmosphere of demise and pungent decay via slower, groovier and unbelievably lethal combination, commanded by shocking throat of John Tardy the frontman, while total of twelve songs have epitomized the essence of death metal genre; recent European black 180g vinyl pressing for audiophiles