Terra Necrosis CD DIGI
Terra Necrosis CD DIGI Terra Necrosis CD DIGI Terra Necrosis CD DIGI


Terra Necrosis CD DIGI

Label: Konqueror
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: chunky intense blasphemous death metal

different than bunch of other traditional Swedish death metal veteran teams, starting to move on with new recordings only after certain hiatus, established in 1993 Nominon have been active all this time, and are partly responsible for the resurrection of their colleagues in particular and boom of new generation ensembles in general: third full-length opus is a good reason why, since ten smashing, chunky and intense tracks on offer bash in a firm way, where ingenuity of guitar lines far surpasses the attention that this album has received so far - unless the vocals could sound more convincing; impressive digipak version by Singaporean label folds out into an inverted cross shape