Нехристь [Nechrist] CD DIGIBOOK
Нехристь [Nechrist] CD DIGIBOOK Нехристь [Nechrist] CD DIGIBOOK Нехристь [Nechrist] CD DIGIBOOK


Нехристь [Nechrist] CD DIGIBOOK

Label: Oriana / Musical Hall
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: epic majestic intense black metal

third full-length opus [1999] of the most significant Ukrainian black metal band brims with all their trademark qualities, integrating rapid, ferocious and extreme delivery with ethnic Slavonic spirit and delicate folky episodes that massively enrich grandiloquent, aggressive and epic music; more refined version of their sound does not omit the oppressive, raw intensity nor the radical stance in few of the lyrics - hands down their best effort to date is a masterpiece of the genre; recent deluxe hardcover digibook edition comes with a remastered sound, white foil print on cover and updated 20 page booklet design