Fields of Rot LP
Fields of Rot LP Fields of Rot LP Fields of Rot LP


Fields of Rot LP

Label: Agonia
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: sharp relentless thrash black metal

seasoned blackened thrashing metalheads from Oslo can not boast about the largest army of followers, but those are one of the most loyal fans around for sure - it has taken the band seven long years to return with a new, fourth full-length, so the comeback was much anticipated, and luckily, ten tunes of aggression, power and heaviness do not let a single listener down!; perhaps their most technical work to date traditionally combines harsh vocals with sharp, relentless atmosphere - no goddamn retreat, no fuckin' surrender!; gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition with pro-printed inner sleeve and extra poster is limited to 500 units