Black Seeds of Vengeance PLP
Black Seeds of Vengeance PLP Black Seeds of Vengeance PLP


Black Seeds of Vengeance PLP

Artist: NILE
Label: Relapse / Displeased

Release Year: 2000
Artist Origin: USA
Style: ominous eerie intense death metal

two years past the genre-altering debut, the masters of all things mysterious and archi-extreme are back with what is perhaps their career-defining moment - utter masterpiece of an album expands lyrical and musical range to an unheard consistency and depth; it is a merciless, scathing death metal assault that builds on the energy and color, and presents Nile's fury in an even more epic, brutal and profound light, purifying a peculiar, cinematic drama raising the stories of ancient millenniums; for the first time liner notes detail themes behind each track, while Derek Roddy [ex.Hate Eternal] performs all drums as a session member; rare Dutch picture disk edition is limited to 2000 units