Dark Passion Play 2CD
Dark Passion Play 2CD Dark Passion Play 2CD Dark Passion Play 2CD


Dark Passion Play 2CD

Label: Spinefarm

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: melodic dramatic neosymphonic heavy metal

the largest buzz about Nightwish so far is related to this longplay from 2007, where neosymphonic metal crew has introduced a new vocalist that definitely has changed their charisma, yet still the debut of Anette Olzon was marked with a stamp of success: the start of new era blooms with trademark intricate symphonic arrangements and massive choirs, blended seamlessly with catchy, ambitious and powerful heavy metal what guarantees a playful and passionate journey; special Finnish edition marks platinum status of the album with extra five track disk, featuring a new song, remixes, orchestral and demo versions