Angels Fall First CD
Angels Fall First CD Angels Fall First CD Angels Fall First CD


Angels Fall First CD

Label: Spinefarm
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: sweeping melodic neosymphonic heavy metal

it is truly not easy to compare a humble debut [1997] with grandiose, impressive and highly successful Nightwish releases that followed later, yet from today's perspective it is obvious that such a brave move by a young crew to show off with an operatic singer demanded both the ambitions and serious preparation, while at least three or four tracks from this early recording ending up in the best of lists confirms the huge potential of Finnish phenomena from the very start; the curiosity of those who want to learn how they sounded at the dawn of times is satisfied with four bonus tracks from demo times, added to this edition with a remastered sound that celebrates ten years of the album's release, extended by liner notes of band members and vintage photos in the booklet