The Ruins of Edom CD DIGI
The Ruins of Edom CD DIGI The Ruins of Edom CD DIGI


The Ruins of Edom CD DIGI

Label: Agonia
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: USA/GRE
Style: raw nihilistic occult black metal

not just a random split, but maximally focused communion of two esoteric entities from America and Greece, moving in the same transcendental direction: heavily inspiring occult black metal is the name of the ritual, delivering only exclusive tracks, completed with excellent cover painting by Alabas; dark and abyssal manner of these invocations smells truly exceptional and otherworldly, scattering away rather than attracting to listen to them, yet this is the main principle of this bitter, jet black musick; deluxe three panel digipak edition is limited to 1000 units