Wolf-Father MLP
Wolf-Father MLP Wolf-Father MLP


Wolf-Father MLP

Label: Jester

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim haunting black death metal

this six track mini-album [2010] after five-year long hiatus is a new beginning for veteran, yet still pretty obscure formation, where Teloch [Orcustus, Mayhem, Ov Hell] keeps handling the creative basis; with addition of Hellhammer [Mayhem] to the ranks, music has turned much more coherent and sharper, while Norse mythology-based and related together compositions are full of deep, philosophical topics; finally, cherry on the cake comes with guest vocal appereance by Garm [Ulver] himself on one of the songs - it was Jester's first ever black metal release!; black vinyl edition is limited to 175 units