Death Holy Death CD
Death Holy Death CD Death Holy Death CD Death Holy Death CD


Death Holy Death CD

Label: Left Light Emanations
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: twisted infernal occult black metal

it has been thirteen long years since the extreme infernal debut of this occult-oriented Northern entity has appeared on the black metal map - the enigmatic duo featuring Ofermod and Malign member is finally back on their uncompromising journey to Qliphothic magic and inevitable death, building up even more intense, sinister structures with much attention to detail, which is not necessarily typical for this kind of genre, nevertheless enriched by apocalyptic atmosphere and piercing solos; certain Puissance and Marduk members have also added their hands and creativity to this project, be it ambient fragment, lyric or production, while the entire album is dedicated to the Draconian Current and those who work with it