The Pile of Decayed Entrails LP
The Pile of Decayed Entrails LP


The Pile of Decayed Entrails LP

Label: Ek Nekron
Price: 50€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: intense menacing grind death metal

cult Finnish death/grind heroes are honoured with this vinyl only discography compilation, featuring their The Pile of Decayed Entrails demo [1993], tracks from split 7"EP with Intense Agonizing [1994], and previously unreleased rough live cuts from a session in 1993, including Terrorizer and Napalm Death covers; it is pure grinding hatred, obscure and under-appreciated, crushing with a perfect mix of old British style with a touch of early nineties’ Scandinavian sound and production; luxurious folding out into poster gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with all new artwork and pro-printed twelve page A5 booklet, featuring lyrics, vintage pictures, old interview, reviews, biography and press release notes - it is limited to 400 units, copy #266