Моровая язва MCD
Моровая язва MCD Моровая язва MCD Моровая язва MCD


Моровая язва MCD

Label: Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe
Price: 9€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: expressive suggestive melancholic pagan metal

active for nine years, this Moscow band with Temnozor members in line-up is more into live activities than studio releases - this is their second physical disk after a debut longplay few years ago; in spite of a mini album format and length, it is done with high focus and precision: lyrics of two new tracks continue the historical course, following atmospheric and quite harmonious pagan black metal, yet drowning parallels with nowadays' realities and more aggressive approach; second half of EP is filled with covers of Absurd Der Tod in Flandern and Sturmwehr Wolfe der Meere renamed into Волки Морей and sung in Russian; intricate, characteristic and highly recommended release!