Utilitarian CD DIGI
Utilitarian CD DIGI Utilitarian CD DIGI Utilitarian CD DIGI


Utilitarian CD DIGI

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fast devastating grinding death metal

with half of the album tracks not passing over three minute mark, it is clear that the Godfathers of grindcore are still as angry and vitriolic as ever - their fifteenth studio album is a typically abrasive affair, chock-full of demonic, throat-ripping screams, moshpit-inducing staccato riffs, and breakneck-speed rhythms, delivering the goods and guts with a ferocity not seen in music scene in a good while, not to forget occasional avant-garde flourishes - Everyday Pox even features guest solo appearance by legendary John Zorn on alto saxophone; limited digipak edition comes with two special bonuses