Nocticula Hecate DEMO
Nocticula Hecate DEMO Nocticula Hecate DEMO Nocticula Hecate DEMO


Nocticula Hecate DEMO

Artist: NAHASH
Label: Ledo Takas
Price: 6€

Release Year: 1996
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: gritty transcendental occult black metal
Length: 37 min.

debut studio recording [1994] by enigmatic five-piece from Kaunas was also one of the first statements in Lithuanian black metal: recorded with limited technical means, this first demo tape has caught attention of the dark underground with both the mysterious concept, transcendental contents, occult accents, and pretty strong melody line, with significant contribution coming from Poccolus mastermind Mūnis - four lengthy, ceremonial compositions nail in a bald, thoughtful and profound way; second tape edition with a pro-printed inlay and new cover artwork is limited to 600 units - print-run is running out...