Macabre Cabaret MLP
Macabre Cabaret MLP Macabre Cabaret MLP Macabre Cabaret MLP


Macabre Cabaret MLP

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 30€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: depressive melancholic doom death metal

regardless that it was recorded at similar time as the recent The Ghost of Orion longplay, this latest three track mini album by notorious doom equip is as standout manifest as most of other MDB records, and what is also typical for this entity - songs of such transitional editions are marked by strong energetics and extremely important focus on the narrative, crowned by the high-end promotional video to the title track; we know their style so well up to all tiny details, yet in spite of that, the [al]chemistry of musicians lifts up the dramatic music way higher to the cosmic vasts, granting up a surreal feast for ears; exclusive German gatefold sleeve white/gray splatter vinyl edition with additional Orchestral Shores remix as bonus is limited to 300 units