34,788%... Complete LP
34,788%... Complete LP 34,788%... Complete LP


34,788%... Complete LP

Label: Peaceville / Snapper / Svart

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: experimental surreal atmospheric doom metal

after the four fundamental, doom/death metal refining albums the time has come for the most experimental and brooding recording [1998] to the band that keeps reigning over gloomy music scene for long years: it is still shamefully underrated indeed, where the title and design already set an unorthodox mood, while music hits with depressive, surreal vibe, wicked groove, haunting atmosphere, hand-crafted harmonies and gloomy aura, also reflected in quite evocative poetry; with such phenomenal hits as Under Your Wings and into Your Arms - like a fine wine - it only gets better with age, while Heroin Chic ambitions each time unsettle and confuse; Finnish gatefold sleeve fluorescent green vinyl edition with a remastered sound is limited to 700 units