Spectrum of Death 2CD
Spectrum of Death 2CD Spectrum of Death 2CD Spectrum of Death 2CD


Spectrum of Death 2CD

Label: Century Media
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: USA
Style: rabid intense savage thrash metal

named under the debut album [1990] - one of the fastest and most abrasive records ever created in thrash metal history, this ultimate re-issue is actually a double anthology with a remastered sound, also including their sophomore album Destruction System [1992], as well as rare The Black Tape demo and even tracks from 2010-2011 session, as glorious band is active once again; of course eight seminal tracks of Spectrum of Death are celebrated the most, proudly standing on par with the most ferocious, hyperspeed music ever made by Dark Angel, Sadus and Demolition Hammer, enriched by savage screaming vocals and solid, technical delivery; 36 page booket is full of vintage pictures, flyers and extensive interview as well