Laibach Remixes MLP
Laibach Remixes MLP Laibach Remixes MLP Laibach Remixes MLP


Laibach Remixes MLP

Label: Earache
Price: 28€

Release Year: 1994
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental bombastic extreme death metal

those who feel offended by the latest experiments of Morbid Angel, shall take a listen to this mini album, released twenty years ago - it confirms that this notorious band already had far reaching visions for a long time; right after Covenant opus was out, Slovenian innovators from Laibach have offered to make remixes of both God of Emptiness and Sworn to the Black, making extreme metal sound in a weirder industrial and monumental way - they are featured on this mini album, the flipside of which also includes their original versions; rare British first press vinyl edition