Heretic 2CD BOX
Heretic 2CD BOX Heretic 2CD BOX


Heretic 2CD BOX

Label: Earache

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: USA
Style: eclectic heavy monolithic death metal

expect the unexpected - genius Floridian death metal victors, inspired by Azagthoth's esoteric visions, continue to surprise after twenty years of holding the banner high, presenting as much eclecticism as possible on eighth studio album with an immense, primal rage and unerring precision, seeking the new dimensions of extremity through unconventional structures and punishing aggression within intense death metal frame, where Pete Sandoval's input is especially important; limited double disc edition comes in a sturdy box with extra Heretic stikcer, while bonus CD features instrumental versions of actual songs and Trey's maddened guitar solos