Under Satanæ CD
Under Satanæ CD Under Satanæ CD Under Satanæ CD


Under Satanæ CD

Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: POR
Style: mesmerizing dramatic dark black metal

a real treat for supporters old and new of famous Portuguese band on this exceptional project, quickly acclaimed by critics and fans alike - it features the earliest material by the notorious crew re-recorded with modern means: Serpent Angel song from the promo tape [1992], full Anno Satanae demo [1993], and Under The Moonspell mini album [1994], as well as unreleased Chorai Lusitânia! track, which is the only one not re-recorded; it is ok to worship old authentic takes, yet new versions have their own qualities - power, catchiness and sleek class, while booklet folds out into A3 poster