Viides Luku: Hävitetty CD DIGI
Viides Luku: Hävitetty CD DIGI


Viides Luku: Hävitetty CD DIGI

Label: Spinefarm / Hammerheart
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: progressive folklore pagan black metal

exceptional and adventurous concept album [2007] by folky progressive viking black metal crew features only two mesmerizing tracks, but they click at almost one hour of epic, symphonic, and heavily ravaging music, piercing like a winter freeze, while folkish elements are woven much deeper into enchanting song structures and lush riffs this time, purifying far more blackened, fiery yet still majestic vibe than on few releases preceding it; Thomas Väänänen [ex.Thyrfing] adds some guest vocals - recent Dutch digipak edition