In Absentia Christi CD DIGI
In Absentia Christi CD DIGI In Absentia Christi CD DIGI


In Absentia Christi CD DIGI

Label: Avantgarde
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: mysterious avantgarde black doom metal

the classic fundamental album [1995], looking out of the box of emotional black/doom metal, is a morose melancholic transcendental piece of sonic art that caused a lot of waves upon its original release - Monumentum's debut longplay can be likened to what Dead Can Dance might sound if they tried to go into dark metal direction; it is a story of what happened to our souls and minds, the disquieting fever and the tormenting restlessness which slowly devoured the self, while mesmerizing guest vocals is provided by Francesca Nicoli [Ataraxia]; latest twenty year anniversary digipak edition comes with twelve page booklet