Kill 'Em All CD DIGI
Kill 'Em All CD DIGI Kill 'Em All CD DIGI Kill 'Em All CD DIGI


Kill 'Em All CD DIGI

Label: Megaforce / Blackened / Universal
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: USA
Style: energetic expressive speed thrash metal

with this undeniably historical ten-tracker The Four Horsemen start their immortal ride - it is an absolute speed/thrash metal brilliant [1983] of yet unknown freakin' underground band back, ready to Seek and Destroy and spewing forth such classics as Hit The Lights, Whiplash, Jump In The Fire and No Remorse, to name but a few; while Kirk Hammett has already been a full-time member for a while, they still use Dave Mustaine's [Megadeth] riffs in four of these tracks; recent cardboard digifile edition comes with a remastered sound and eight page booklet