Esoteric Warfare MC
Esoteric Warfare MC Esoteric Warfare MC


Esoteric Warfare MC

Artist: MAYHEM
Label: Season of Mist / Evil Dead

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: elemental chaotic extreme black metal

Norwegian phenomena lurks in a simple fact that guitar players and main composers do change from time to time, but the music stays unpredictable: Teloch [Nidingr] is with the guys for three years now, responsible for the whole musical picture on album number five [2014]; seven years since the previous release mean nothing, as the essence and spirit of legendary outfit is captured once again, taking a step forward into the leading position of the genre instead of dwelling in nostalgia; it is a full-scale assault of total dark savagery, where Attila's inhumane vocals are based on a concept dealing with the esoteric experimentations of the nuclear powers during the cold war, with Polish hints in design; limited license Malaysian tape edition with pro-printed insert