Deathcrush MCD
Deathcrush MCD Deathcrush MCD Deathcrush MCD


Deathcrush MCD

Artist: MAYHEM
Label: Deathlike Silence

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim savage chaotic black metal

the official, studio environment-captured start of this uncompromising group from Norway dates back to March 1987, when it was recorded at Creative Studios of Kolbotn; originally out on vinyl only, a contradictory recording with raw, lunatic lo-fidelity sound quality, akin to classic Venom, despite its savage, chaotic and straightforward arrogance, arguably vaulted the entire black metal subgenre, which has massively exploded in early nineties; intro is a borrowed composition by Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream, recording also includes Venom Witching Hour cover; recent Norwegian edition comes with authentic design