Opus Nocturne LP
Opus Nocturne LP Opus Nocturne LP Opus Nocturne LP


Opus Nocturne LP

Artist: MARDUK
Label: Osmose

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: fast relentless infernal black metal

nine cuts on third Marduk full-length [1994] is a pure unadultered classic in ferocious infernal black metal, an unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extremity that has actually set up pace for a string of murderously fast drumming and relentlessly blurred walls of guitar-based albums further on, let alone ultimately raw sound not of this world, while memorability of Materialized in Stone, Sulphur Souls and some other timeless hymns pierces through the body like a sharp knife of a killer!; recent French gatefold sleeve marble olive green 180g vinyl edition with a remastered sound is limited to 500 units