Death by Metal CD
Death by Metal CD Death by Metal CD Death by Metal CD


Death by Metal CD

Artist: MANTAS
Label: Relapse
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: USA
Style: violent extreme savage death metal

annotation of this edition perfectly describes the contents: "it is the brutally raw sound of an entire genre being born out of the basement of Chuck Schuldiner's Florida home [...] this is the first time that these recordings have been legitimately available since their original release as Death by Metal demo tape [1984] - this is the beginning of Death!"; on top of that, Kam Lee and Rick Rozz must be mentioned as the rest of bass-guitar-less line-up, while two versions of the mentioned seminal demo are featured along five track rehearsal that preceded demo recordings, while savage, cruel contents of this entire disc reflect upon the pioneering times for extreme metal; authentic edition comes with liner notes and vintage band pictures in the booklet, plus OBI strip, US import