Gates of Nocticula CD DIGI
Gates of Nocticula CD DIGI


Gates of Nocticula CD DIGI

Label: Oskorei
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: raw nihilistic symphonic black metal

re-issued on CD with a lot of pathos in comments about the music's exceptionalism, this is actually the earliest demo material [1996] of Ukrainian horde, featuring classic line-up and much different sound from what they promote these days - based on atmospheric tradition of the nineties, it combines as diverse episodes as energetic and extreme parts with ultimately hateful vocals on one end, and symphonic arrangements and even additional female vocals, not far from what Nokturnal Mortum have been creating at the time, on the other; even clearly lacking consistency, eight tracks remain an important piece of Slavonic black metal legacy; digipak edition with bonus live video for Ancient His Majesty... is limited to 1000 units