Ei Kahetse Midagi PLP
Ei Kahetse Midagi PLP Ei Kahetse Midagi PLP


Ei Kahetse Midagi PLP

Artist: LOITS
Label: Flak'n'Roll / Drakkar
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: EST
Style: inflaming nationalromantic pagan black metal

debut longplay by the most patriotic Estonian martial pagan black metal crew is darkly poetic epos, reviving the bonds between modern day man's courage and the events of the past that defined national identity as an ethnos; severe, focused, inspiring, partly dreamy and melancholic music positively surprises as much as upon its first release in 2001 - French picture disk edition with a remastered sound, cut out outer sleeve, gatefold insert - band poster with lyrics, and rare bonus track - early version of Tõelised Kuningad, is limited to 500 units