Nattesferd 2LP
Nattesferd 2LP Nattesferd 2LP Nattesferd 2LP


Nattesferd 2LP

Label: Wørld / Roadrunner / Indie

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: progressive blackened stoner rock'n roll / metal

does that dim Northern-like colour of front cover mean that the rebels have settled down? no fucking way - it is just another signboard while the contents remain damn loud, spontaneous and in most part unpredictable, if punk-laden rock'n roll is considered unquestionable given, yet again - far from many bands manage to twist the standards in a way that igniting choruses make listeners go nuts, while their numbers grow in geometric progression; on the other hand, Norwegians do not invent a new wheel here, so admirers of early albums can double their excitement; limited Norwegian gatefold sleeve double blue and white vinyl edition comes with pro-printed inner sleeves