Extreme Aggression 3LP
Extreme Aggression 3LP Extreme Aggression 3LP Extreme Aggression 3LP


Extreme Aggression 3LP

Label: Noise / Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 45€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GER
Style: intense raging violent thrash metal

in four years since the spontaneous fury laden beginning, the four-piece from Essen has turned into leaders of Teutonic thrash movement and one of the most successful European entities, with nine cuts of relentless fourth longplay [1989] and Betrayer video rotation on MTV also opening up the doors of American market for them; sharp production let fully feel the drama of riotous, intense music, strengthened by exceptionally poignant voice of Mille Petrozza, becoming the band's sole vocalist; recent deluxe triple gatefold sleeve double black 180g vinyl edition comes with a remastered sound, pro-printed inner sleeves, including Mille's liner notes and unique vintage pictures, as well as bonus Live In East Berlin 1990 fourteen track performance from the infamous festival