Coma of Souls 2CD MEDIABOOK
Coma of Souls 2CD MEDIABOOK Coma of Souls 2CD MEDIABOOK


Coma of Souls 2CD MEDIABOOK

Label: Noise / Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 17€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: GER
Style: memorable intense violent thrash metal

regardless that few previous disks by Teutonic thrash overlords deserve a pure kult status, it was about 1990's opus that is the most successful in the entire career, also marking perhaps their highest pinnacle, which is quite impossible to repeat; taking over Sodom guitarist Frank Blackfire, dudes maintain poignant and rebellious vibe, yet also enrich reckless fury with a more distinct melodic line and penetrating solos, to the point that each and every track is exceptional and unforgettable; recent deluxe hard cover mediabook edition comes with a newly remastered sound, includes Mille's liner notes and vintage pictures in 28 page booklet, as well as bonus disk with sixteen live tracks from Fürth, performed on December 6th 1990