Садизм [Sadism] LP
Садизм [Sadism] LP Садизм [Sadism] LP Садизм [Sadism] LP


Садизм [Sadism] LP

Label: Moroz
Price: 30€

Release Year: 1992
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: furious impulsive violent thrash metal
Condition: NM/NM

fourth album of Коррозия Металла was recorded at the junction of 1991 and 1992 - the very peak of their career and creative fulcrum, but this time unpredictable four-piece has directed their ideas towards even more stripped, straightforward territories, sometimes going berserk grindcore way, messing it up with their trademark Soviet thrash metal sound; some tracks are plain primitive and simple, or extremely routine on purpose, yet in spite of all that alcoholic bloody massacre continues at full steam!; rare authentic black vinyl edition comes with pro-printed inner sleeve