Tervaskanto CD
Tervaskanto CD Tervaskanto CD Tervaskanto CD


Tervaskanto CD

Label: Napalm
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: dramatic energetic folk pagan metal

title of the fourth full-length [2007] is a synonym for an experienced old person, literally meaning a tree stump, and when it comes to party-like folk metal, these dudes definitely know how to write catchy and easy going, yet infectiously addictive songs; regardless of devastating and savage nature that most of the tracks carry, they dig deeper into mythology this time, putting more Finnish lyrics in there, so it remains a bit of a mystery if Jonne and co. suffer from the popularity of drinking songs or just try to make the contents a bit more varied - in any case eleven track effort is one more success story for this exceptional band