Korven Kuningas / Karkelo 2CD
Korven Kuningas / Karkelo 2CD Korven Kuningas / Karkelo 2CD


Korven Kuningas / Karkelo 2CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: energetic raging folk pagan metal

this double disk, released as a maxi box, featuring two rare bonuses, collects two related albums by shallow folk metal entity: 2008's fifth full-length King of the Wilderness is catchy, upbeat, heavy-weighted folkloric fun that comes straight from the spooky Northern woods, taking mythological and historical subjects and turning them into easy-going but never superficial musical flow, while 2009's follow-up finally opens all cards up, offering easily comprehensible and balancing on a kitsch edge festive set to plebeians, where strong drinks are praised without thinking about the consequences; it seems that Finnish ministry of health has missed on this audacious wanton act, luckily only few lyrics are written in English, otherwise it would have destroyed lives of millions beyond retrieve