Høstmørke 2CD
Høstmørke 2CD Høstmørke 2CD Høstmørke 2CD


Høstmørke 2CD

Label: Peaceville

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: expressive epic folk black metal

brilliant and impressive, second and the last album [1995] is inspired by Norwegian folk songs, reworked in epic majestic black metal way - it is a magnum opus of solo project by Fenriz [Darkthrone], where he takes care on all instruments and vocals, and pictures himself on the front cover; it also features guest vocal appearance by then comrades in arms Aldrahn and Vicotnik [both - Dødheimsgard] - overall this longplay has inspired and encouraged heaps of other musicians to delve deeper into cultural heritage; much anticipated re-issue of long unavailable opus comes with bonus CD, where the author comments and reflects on the recording process, as well as makes insight on the time of the recording itself