Powerslave CD
Powerslave CD Powerslave CD Powerslave CD


Powerslave CD

Label: Parlophone / Warner

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fundamental dynamic expressive heavy metal

1984: time, when Iron Maiden have become a worldwide arena-headlining sensation, managing to tour on literally non-stop basis and simultaneously keep writing new [genius!] material - their fifth longplay for the first time was accomplished without a single line-up change, helping to produce a groundbreaking metal classic, tackling some serious, thought-provoking subject matter, developing topics of the world wanders through history in time, backing up eight grandiose tracks with crown jewel coming in immense, monumental, Egyptian-themed cover artwork that splendidly reflects the album's vibe; recent European enhanced CD edition comes with a remastered sound, 2 Minutes to Midnight and Aces High videos, collection of vintage pictures, Eddie art and biographical data in the booklet