Fear of The Dark CD
Fear of The Dark CD Fear of The Dark CD Fear of The Dark CD


Fear of The Dark CD

Label: Parlophone / Warner

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: darkened monumental expressive heavy metal

the next grand rise and triumphant return of Iron Maiden has come in 1992: after a pretty mundane previous record they have adopted a sharper, more diversified and eager songwriting once again, delivering twelve phenomenal tracks that range from poignant The Fugitive, anthemic Afraid To Shoot Strangers up to the monumental title track that turned into their trademark and most wanted live number ever since - the curious audience have embraced the expressive, evocative record with ease; recent European enhanced CD edition comes with a remastered sound, Be Quick or Be Dead and From Here To Eternity videos, collection of vintage pictures, Eddie art and biographical data in the booklet