Sub Atris Caelis LP
Sub Atris Caelis LP Sub Atris Caelis LP Sub Atris Caelis LP


Sub Atris Caelis LP

Label: Blood Harvest
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: MEX
Style: furious atmospheric blackened death metal

sophomore album [2009] from Tijuana's triumvirate was recorded in California by Bill Metoyer and mastered in Sweden by Necromorbus crew, and that is not all for sure, as music is equally catchy and inspirational to speak about great force coming from the damn hot place!; mostly paving a traditional path, it can be cohesive and atmospheric, but on the next turn you get all furious and relentless attack to get pierced with freezing riffs that might remind Dissection and The Chasm at the same time; limited gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed full size twelve page booklet and extra A3 sized poster